More Information About Premises Liability Cases

Kaye and Bush, LLC has extensive experience with Premises Liability/Slip and Fall Cases. Premises Liability is a very broad term for injury claims arising from the wrongful maintenance, design, supervision or conditions on a property. Premises liability cases often involve thorough knowledge of applicable standards, laws or regulations. It may be important to consult with experts about diverse topics such as liquid dynamics or visual perception. 

By way of example, Kaye and Bush, LLC has handled personal injury claims arising in the following contexts:
  • by falling two stories when an exterior hotel/condo railing collapsed
  • slipping and falling on spilled liquids in a grocery store
  • slipping and falling on ice or slush in a public parking lot or on a homeowner’s walkway
  • being bitten by a dog on the dog owner’s property
  • being struck by falling merchandise at a store
  • falling into a hole on another’s property
  • being injured while jumping on a neighbor’s trampoline
  • sliding and slipping on a wet entry mat into a restaurant

In addition, where a governmental entity is potentially responsible for injuries on property, it is essential to review Colorado’s governmental immunity statute and law. When in doubt, written statutory notice must be provided to the governing board of the governmental entity within 180 days of the wrongful conduct. If the correct notice is not given, then the injured client may be precluded from pursuing his or her claims.