Commercial and Business Law

Kaye and Bush, LLC also devotes its skill and expertise to representing businessmen, professionals and others in claims against business organizations. These business cases can center on breach of contract claims, civil conversion, the breach of fiduciary duty, unjust enrichment as well as claims arising under deceptive trade practices statutes.

For example, we have successfully tried and settled a case on behalf of a small businessman whose own business was undermined by the wrongful conduct of a bank. This case required that we become knowledgeable about the business of major credit cards sponsored by smaller banks.

Other scenarios include payment disputes in health care settings or competing ownership claims in a family business. In another matter in an arbitration setting, Kaye and Bush, LLC represented a professional whose partners in a health care practice breached their partnership agreement.

Business matters often become a component of personal injury and other cases, too, because of the importance in establishing economic losses.