Insurance Disputes

Kaye and Bush, LLC has long represented individuals who were treated improperly by insurance companies. The wrongful delay or denial of insurance coverage is known as insurance bad faith. This “bad faith” conduct can take place in many personal and business contexts by one’s own insurance carrier or another carrier involved in a dispute.  More recently, insurance bad faith is evident in workers’ compensation claims handling.

Insurance bad faith cases require a thorough review of the facts and applicable law. Often, voluminous records must be studied in order to appreciate the patterns of conduct and practice by an insurance company. Kaye and Bush, LLC prides itself on its experience and reputation in evaluating and pursuing these challenging cases. Over the years, the wrongful conduct involved in these cases has become more sophisticated and detrimental to individuals and small businesses.

Our firm works on its own and also associates with other firms in these cases. Additionally, Kaye and Bush, LLC networks with other attorneys and experts throughout the United States in order to offer the most effective and successful service. Kaye and Bush, LLC has achieved positive results for the firm’s clients in this area.

In addition, Kaye and Bush, LLC has consistently and successfully represented individuals whose disability insurance benefits have been improperly denied.  Most frequently, individuals have disability insurance coverage as part of their employment benefits.

These wrongful/improper denial of short and long-term disability benefits can take place at various stages in the disability claims process: during the initial applications for the short-term (typically six months) portions of their disability policies, when the short-term benefits transition to long-term disability benefits and at some point after long-term disability payments have started.

In addition, our firm has assisted individuals who are currently receiving disability benefits but want guidance to best ensure that their benefits are not interrupted.
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