Mediation, Arbitration and Administrative Hearings

Arbitration and mediation are valuable conflict resolution tools. Both partners, Mari Bush and Bruce Kaye, are experienced in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes, including mediation and arbitration. In fact, Ms. Bush and Mr. Kaye have represented clients in arbitrations and mediations and have experience serving as arbitrators. They are also certified as mediators.

The firm has successfully represented Plaintiffs in uninsured/underinsured motorist claims that require arbitration. These include, by way of example:

  • A week of arbitrations in western Colorado resulting in a six-figure recovery for a young businessman who had sustained a brain injury in a truck/auto collision
  • Ongoing arbitration surrounding breach of contract in a professional services dissolution/dispute
  • Employment dispute in the financial services area
  • Settlement shortly before hearing in a wrongful death nursing home case that was successfully transitioned from litigation to arbitration

In addition, Ms. Bush has served as a trained public arbitrator on panels in the securities area (NASD, now FINRA) and in medical negligence/managed care, and automobile injury matters. Mr. Kaye has similar experience serving as an arbitrator in automobile/personal injury cases.

A majority of the firm’s litigation cases involve mediation in an effort to settle the claims. Kaye and Bush, LLC has worked diligently to develop skills and successes in settlement/mediation conferences on all sorts of cases.  Both Ms. Bush and Mr. Kaye completed the 40-hour training sponsored by the Colorado Bar Association necessary to be certified mediators in Colorado. The firm looks forward to expanding its practice in these areas.

Another mechanism of dispute resolution involves formal and informal administrative hearings. Again, both partners at Kaye and Bush, LLC have experience in this realm. Mr. Kaye has successfully handled administrative appeals and processes involving employment/wage loss, and other matters. Ms. Bush has represented a number of families in contested administrative hearings under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. These hearings have taken place throughout the country: Washington, D.C., Denver, Albuquerque, Detroit, and Tucson. On a less formal basis, Ms. Bush has assisted clients with internal appeals when their health care providers deny coverage for certain services or care.