Personal Injury Law

Kaye and Bush, LLC has a long history of expertise with personal injury law.  The firm is proud of their successes in this area and they continue to lead the Denver and Rocky Mountain Region in helping clients through difficult and often times, catastrophic cases.  What sets Kaye and Bush apart in this area of law is their ability to persevere during complex cases that take intense research, coordination of expert witnesses and superior prosecution skills. 

“Personal Injury” is a broad and general category for a large variety of legal claims. Our case files include clients that have suffered from traumatic brain injury or closed head injuries, spinal cord injuries and neurological injuries.  In addition, we have helped clients with claims having to do with migraines, seizure disorders and neuropathy, orthopedic injuries, burn injuries, injuries to internal organs, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, cosmetic injuries, disabilities and permanent impairments to name a few.

Additional Personal Injury case experience includes:

  • Sexual abuse, abuse by a person in a trust or fiduciary relationship, clergy abuse
  • Accidents and injuries caused by governmental entities (local, state and federal)    
  • Vaccine injuries arising under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program
  • Hearing injuries including loss of hearing and tinnitus   
  • Vision injuries including diminution in visual field

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Many personal injury cases involve Premises Liability otherwise known as Slip and Fall Cases. These are injuries taking place on private or commercial property from the wrongful maintenance, design, supervision or condition of the property.  In addition, we handle motorized vehicles including automobiles, trucks and motorcycles as well as pedestrian accidents.

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